Caulking: What To Know

One of the biggest reasons concrete settles is washout. Washout is what happens when water finds its way under your concrete, and washes sediment out with it.  Once the substrate becomes uneven, the concrete loses its integrity, and starts to drop- or even crack.  Caulking your joints can prevent this from happening.  It prohibits water from sneaking its way in, and ruining a nice concrete slab. Concrete Raising and Leveling Co. is loyal to the Sika-Flex brand, which is a polyurethane based self leveling concrete caulk. It comes light gray in color, and over time, will begin to blend in with most concretes.

Although caulking the joints and seams can be more appealing to the eye, it’s not made to be a cosmetic fix.  Its strictly to prevent water from finding its way underneath your concrete, and ruining its integrity.