Concrete repair services in Michigan

Concrete repair services
Our concrete repair services in Michigan

Our company provides concrete repair services in Michigan.

Are you stumbling over trip hazards in your concrete sidewalks or driveway?, maybe hitting a speed bump attempting to get into your garage . How about your front steps that are just about impossible to get up any more and scare you every time someone is coming over . Any concrete slab that has settled down on your property Concrete Raising and leveling can fix.  We have been fixing these problems for almost 30 years now for less than half the price to tear out and replace and we will not harm your landscape. Ready to use the same day .

Our concrete repair service process is a simple as drilling a few small holes 1 inch or less and filling the settling sub base and lifting your concrete back to it’s original position Concrete Raising and leveling company gives our customers the option to use ag-lime or polyurethane foam. Concrete Raising and leveling company is one of the only companies in Michigan that gives our customers the choice of polyurethane foam or ag-lime.


Repaired concrete
Repaired concrete

Why should I use Concrete Raising and leveling ? 1) family Locally owned and operated , with my two son’s helping me running our business, just like my father thought me . 2) Cost is less than half of removal and replace with no damage done to Landscaping 3) our equipment is state-of-the-art and fabricated over 15 years by myself 4) all work is guaranteed and we are fully licensed and insured for over 35 years.

Concrete repair services in Michigan. We service Grass Lake, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Jackson and surrounding areas.