Concrete Raising and Leveling Services in East Lansing

The process of concrete raising and leveling is fast, clean and safe.  It can be half of the cost of a tear out and replacement project.   Most projects can be walked and/or driven on within 24 hours.

If you live in the East Lansing area,  we can provide safety and peace of mind, while enhancing the curb appeal of your home.    We offer two processes for raising and leveling to meet the needs of everyone’s budget. Mud-jacking uses a limestone aggregate mixed with water, and is backed by a three year warranty.   The polyurethane process provides a lifetime warranty and is our most durable process.  Aside from offering affordable concrete repair, we also offer concrete caulking.

If you live in the East Lansing area, please contact us today for a free proposal.  We additionally welcome the opportunity to price match.

Concrete repair services
Our concrete repair services in Michigan