Concrete Repair by Raising & Leveling in Kalamazoo

Yesterday, Concrete Raising and Leveling Company spent the day in Kalamazoo working for the Parkview Hills Management Company, repairing concrete for the many condo communities that they manage.   Specifically, we repaired existing concrete pads by raising and lifting sunken and uneven front porch stoops, sidewalk pads that were creating trip hazards, and lifting garage aprons back to their original height and level.

Over time, if you have concrete, it’s probably going to settle and sag due to erosion that takes place under the pads.  This does not necessarily mean your concrete will need to be torn out and replaced.   In many cases, a  repair by raising and leveling the existing pads as close to its original height and level can be achieved by the experts we have working here.    Raising and leveling remains a a viable alternative to total tear out and replacement and is typically about have the cost, takes less than one day to repair, and  can be driven on within 24 hours.  And we back this  with a two year or lifetime warranty, depending upon the lifting process that is chosen.  At project start, our technicians will pump either a slurry of limestone aggregate, typically referred to as mud-jacking,  or a poly foam fill, our most durable process,  which will fill the void under the concrete thereby raising the slabs back to its normal level.   These processes and techniques apply to both residential and commercial settings, and at price points suitable to any budget.

If you are in need of some concrete repair,  please call our Marketing Manager and Owner, Jeremiah at 517-898-9446.  We provide free in-home estimates, or for those busy individuals, we can do proposals by phone and internet, in many cases.   Let us show you how we are the premium choice in concrete raising and leveling.   Whether it is your home or place of business, we look forward to serving you.   The photos below show a before and after picture of a sidewalk trip hazard  that has been repaired by raising and leveling of existing concrete pads, and represent the typical results that you can expect from a repair.