Concrete Services in Charlotte, MI

This week, Concrete Raising and Leveling Company spent the day in the Charlotte area, providing much needed concrete services  by repairing existing concrete vs. total tear out and replacement.    When homeowners and commercial businesses  are looking for companies that provide concrete services, it is important to note that you do not necessarily need to tear out old concrete and replace with new concrete.    There are additional options to assess when looking for a company to provide concrete services.  Raising and leveling is a viable option.   Specifically, we repair existing concrete pads by raising and lifting   sunken and uneven front porch stoops, sidewalk pads, driveways, garage aprons, pool slabs, etc., that were creating trip hazards, and uneven and sightly in appearance.

So how does this service work?  Over time, if you have concrete, it’s probably going to settle and sag due to erosion that takes place under the pads.   The pads themselves may still be in great shape.  Its the void in material under the slabs that are the issue.  By drilling small holes in the existing pads, we can pump fresh material under the pad thereby lifting the pad back to its original height.  We offer two processes:  we can pump a mixture of limestone, crushed concrete, and water to form a slurry which is our most economic approach.  For more tricky situations, we also offer an injection of a poly foam material.   Either process is backed with a warranty of two years for the limestone process or a lifetime warranty for the poly foam.    We are able to provide you with these warranties because we back our products that  we use and our Technicians are skilled at what they do.    This is our specialty and we can save you money over the lifetime of your concrete.

If you are in need of some concrete services,  please call our Marketing Manager and Owner, Jeremiah at 517-898-9446.  We provide free in-home estimates, or for those busy individuals, we can do proposals by phone and internet, in many cases.   Let us show you how we are the premium choice in concrete raising and leveling.   Whether it is your home or place of business, we look forward to serving you.   The photos below show a before and after picture of a driveway trip hazard  that has been repaired by raising and leveling of existing concrete pads, and represent the typical results that you can expect from a repair.