Successful Concrete Repair in St. Johns, Michigan

This past week, Concrete Raising and Leveling completed several concrete repair projects in the St. Johns area.  Two of these projects were residential in nature  where we raised three driveway pads t o prevent further settling and cracking and additionally lifted a sidewalk pad to eliminate a trip hazard at the front porch.  The third project was a commercial job where we lifted three sidewalk pads at the employee sidewalk entrance.  We were able to repair the sidewalk at the commercial site during normal working hours without disruption to plant operations.  The plant manager commented on what a fantastic job our crew did, and how he was intrigued by the process and how it all came together.

So how does concrete repair by raising and leveling actually work?  Over time, concrete areas can begin to sag due to erosion that takes place under the pads.  This does not necessarily mean your concrete will need to be torn out and replaced.   Raising and leveling is a viable alternative and in most cases, can be done in less than one day, with only a 24 hour recommended waiting period before driving and/or walking on.   We determine the extent of the settling or void that has occurred under the existing concrete, which typically can be determined by our job estimator, Jeremiah.   We offer two processes to repair your concrete, both highly effective but at different price point and project needs.   At project start, our technicians will pump either a slurry of limestone aggregate, typically referred to as mud-jacking,  or a poly foam fill, our most durable process,  which will fill the void under the concrete thereby raising the slabs back to its normal level.   In the attached photos, please note the extreme trip hazard in the first photo.  You can see we were able to raise and level the area  back to a safe and attractive level.

If you are in need of some concrete repair and live in the St. John’s  area, please contact us today for a free quote.  Call Jeremiah at 517-898-9446.   Let us show you how we are the premium choice in concrete raising and lifting.