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Concrete Raising and Leveling Company was one of the first local leveling company to operate in the greater Lansing area. It was founded in 1995 by Mike Craft who, along with his sons Josh and Jeremiah, make up the third and fourth generations in the family to work within the concrete industry. After discovering that mudjacking was more beneficial and cost productive than the traditional tear out and replace method, he began servicing the greater Lansing area with a portable custom pump. Today, Concrete Raising & Leveling fully operates with the latest technology implementing hydraulic pressure and custom pumps to provide the best concrete repair service for the most honest price, giving customers a greater satisfaction.

Joshua Craft

Joshua is the heart and soul of CRL. Josh started working with me as a little boy. Josh has been leveling for over 16 years, not many can say that. Josh learned all the aspects of concrete work through my concrete contracting. He understood why we needed to do a good job at compacting the subsoil before we poured the concrete. This experience has given Josh a complete understanding of “mudjacking” (the term used for our profession). A “mudjacker” has to be somewhat of an engineer to achieve the lifts that are at times very complex.

Josh loves fishing and one day he would like to be a professional fisherman.

Jeremiah Craft

Jeremiah is our Sales Manager. He has been selling for CRL for the past 7 years since graduating from Mason High School.

Jeremiah is a very kind and gentle person, one of the things I admire most about Jeremiah is his honesty. Jeremiah was a good athlete in high school and was chosen first team all-league in football. He was also a two time all-state wrestler at Mason High School. Jeremiah is also an avid hunter and fisherman, you will enjoy meeting him.

Kris Young

Kris has been working with CRL for over 15 years on and off. He has been with me from our start and works the truck with my son Joshua. Kris is my Brother In-Law and if I may say, he is a wonderful person. He is always willing to help anyone out and is there with a listening ear for anyone. Kris has a strong faith for God and is a wonderful Uncle for my two sons to be around.

Louie the Leveling Dog

Louie is our company mascot. Louie is a 5 year old English Bulldog, and weighs 70 lbs. He came to work at CRL in 2009, although he is often late.

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