Best Concrete Repair Service in Lansing

Over time, if you have concrete, whether commercial or in a residential setting, you will notice that concrete areas can begin to sag due to erosion that takes place under the pads.  This can be unsightly but also, very dangerous creating trip hazards.  This does not necessarily mean your concrete will need to be torn out and replaced.   Concrete repair by raising and leveling is a viable alternative and in most cases, can be done in less than one day, with only a 24 hour recommended waiting period before driving and/or walking on.   

So exactly what is concrete repair by raising and leveling?   Our estimator, Jeremiah, in most cases, is able to determine the extent of the settling or void that has occurred under the existing concrete.  Some voids under concrete pads require extensive amounts of material to fill.  Typically, though, that is not necessarily the case.  Here is how this works.  We offer two processes utilizing two different types of materials to repair your concrete, both highly effective but at different price points:  first, our standard limestone fill, which we make a custom slurry to fit your raising needs.  Or we offer a poly foam fill, our most durable process.  Either process will fill the void under the concrete thereby raising the slabs back to their normal level.    These processes are both highly effective and come at a price point and warranty to meet the needs of any budget.  These processes and techniques apply to both residential and commercial settings.

We offer a free price quote and always welcome the opportunity to competitively bid other offers.  There is still time this season to handle your repairs.   Call Jeremiah at 517-898-9446.   Let us show you how we are the best concrete repair service in Lansing.  

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