Concrete Repair in Stockbridge

Concrete repair around the home or business can sound expensive and messy to tackle.   Fall is just around the corner, and you probably have noticed your sagging  concrete driveway pad and uneven sidewalk, or the trip hazard that has become worse.  There is still time to address these issues before “Old Man Winter”  makes it worse.   We may be booking into October but let us get you a proposal put together and get that concrete repaired now.  There is still plenty of time.

Repair to existing concrete can be over half the cost of a total replacement and less the mess.  In most cases, Concrete Raising and Leveling can complete the process in less than one day, with only a 24 hour recommended waiting period before driving and/or walking on.

So what exactly is concrete raising and leveling?  Much of concrete repair is needed due to the settling nature that occurs over time.  This results in uneven pads and trip hazards leading to accidents and an unattractive appearance to the curb appeal of the home.   In many cases, a simple lifting of the concrete,  by drilling a small hole and pumping limestone or poly foam material underneath, can bring sidewalks and driveway pads back to its original safety, height,  and appeal.   You do not have to tear out and replace existing concrete in many cases.

Concrete Raising and Leveling offers two processes for concrete repair,  designed to meet the needs of most budgets.  Mud-jacking uses a limestone aggregate mixed with water, and we back this with a two year warranty.   The polyurethane process provides a limited lifetime warranty and is our most durable process.  We use premium material in our lifting processes and that, coupled with our warranties, should give you the peace of mind needed to get the headache taken care of once and for all.

If you live in the Stockbridge area, please contact us today for a free quote.  Call Jeremiah at 517-898-9446.   Let us show you how we are the premium choice in concrete raising and lifting.  The two photos below are a before and after photo of a lift we did in Stockbridge yesterday.  This was done using limestone aggregate.  The photos speak for themselves.  Give us a call today.

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