Concrete Repair

Concrete Raising and Leveling provides affordable concrete repair in the Central Michigan area. We repair sidewalks, driveways, patios, garage floors, cement porches, sunken concrete and concrete cracks.

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Conditions that require concrete repair include washout, heaving, subgrade settling, and surface pitting and flaking.

Causes for Washout
Gutter downspouts that are missing, become detached, or have broken and no longer direct water flow to be properly channeled.
Sprinkler systems are often responsible for foundational washout.
Rainwater can cause foundational washouts on steep sloping driveways.

Causes for Heaving
Water trapped in the soil will expand when frozen heaving the concrete and causing a trip hazard.

Causes for Subgrade Settling
During concrete installation the sand base must be properly compacted. Poor compaction of the sand base will cause subgrade settling.