Dewitt Concrete Repair Contractors

Since 1996, Concrete Raising and Leveling has been providing state of the art mud jacking and concrete repair services to Dewitt and all of the surrounding communities of Lansing. We provide concrete caulking and concrete leveling as well as Polyurethane Concrete Raising.

At Concrete Raising and Leveling, we understand what’s needed to bring your home more curb appeal and to provide additional safety with peace of mind.

The concrete raising / leveling process is safe, fast and clean. Slabs can typically be used the same day and cost close to half of a tear out and replacement project. We provide affordable concrete repair and we are family owned and operated.

Family is very important to us. With our services, most folks can save money and time. We believe that our customers deserve having extra income and time with their families. So grab a chair, have a seat, and let’s talk about how our family can help fill your concrete raising and leveling needs.  If you are looking for a concrete repair contractor, look no further.  We are a phone call away.  Our  Sales Manager, Jeremiah Craft, will come to your home and provide a free consultation and estimate.  He can be reached at 517-898-9446.

Below is a photo of a lift we did in Dewitt this week.

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