Dewitt Concrete Repair Contractors

Since 1996, Concrete Raising and Leveling has been providing state of the art mud jacking and concrete repair services to Dewitt and all of the surrounding communities of Lansing. We provide concrete caulking and concrete leveling as well as Polyurethane Concrete Raising. At Concrete Raising and Leveling, we understand what’s needed to bring your home more curb appeal and to provide additional safety with peace of mind. The concrete raising / leveling process

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Cement Repair in Okemos

Our company provides cement repair services in Okemos, Michigan. Are you stumbling over trip hazards in your cement sidewalks or driveway?  Maybe hitting a speed bump attempting to get into your garage? How about your front steps that are just about impossible to get up any more and scare you every time someone is coming over?   These

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Concrete Repair Work Made Easy and Economical in Okemos, Michigan

Concrete repair around the home or business can sound expensive and messy to tackle.   Spring is here, and you have probably noticed that sagging driveway pad and uneven sidewalk, or the trip hazard that has become worse over the Winter.   And it’s pool time.  How is the concrete holding up under the pool?  Concrete Raising

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